1898 Paillard company is created in Vincennes by André Paillard and becomes well known in the horsedrawn car brakes field.

1918-1945 Between the 2 wars, the company starts production of brakes for trucks and military vehicles.

1945 Gradually, after the Second World War, the company gives up the truck market to get specialized in brakes production and enters into the handling market as well.

1960 Conserving the military and handling market, the company turns to the axles market for light trailers (caravans, compressors, generator units, horse trailers, domestic and boat trailers).

1962 Marguerite Paillard is appointed General Manager and she re-organizes the company. Paillard SA becomes leader in the production of electric brakes for trailers.

1972 Further to the expropriation from Daumesnil street in Vincennes (94) and waiting for the new plant building in Melun / Vaux-le-Pénil, the company is, for a short time, located at 37 rue de Strasbourg in Vincennes.

1977 Paillard is definitely moving to Vaux Le Pénil.

1984 Merri Paillard is appointed President.

1990 Paillard becomes very close to Knott (Germany) and is improving its activities in the road trailers field.

1991 Merri Paillard and Alain Faurie buy Larose Company (spare parts supply company, located in Vierzon).

2004 Alain Faurie buys out the company which becomes PAILLARD SAS.

2004-2012 Alain Faurie is highly developing the industrial field activity. All along its history Paillard SAS achieved a great experience which promotes it today as the French leader in steering axles (except cars and trucks).

2012 Paillard is innovating and promotes a motorized axle for hydraulic assistance on road trailers, farming and public works.

2015 Certification according to ISO 9001 : 2015

Guillaume Bels - President



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1, rue Foch